all things music is almost open:)

Hello out there,

I`m working on getting this site up and running. I`ll be doing lots of drumming type stuff in here:) Buying drums, selling drums, playing drums, sanding drums, staining drums,  painting drums, talking grooves, talking drums, tuning drums, maybe even making drums. I`m also into songwriting and have lots of songs that I want you all to hear:) Drumming has saved me many times over the years:) I feel very thankful that I can give some back.I will also be doing Drum lessons in here, (Skype Drum Lessons) Gold Coast drummers can come to my place and learn on my drums. Or I can come to your place for a fee. So make sure you drop back in to see what I`m up to. Hope your having an awesome day:)

John Damage.